Every state has its record of ethnic do’s and don’ts and Thailand is 屏風隔間 no different. The following is a run down of the major things to be conscious of. Thais, in general, don’t expect foreigners to be conscious of all the nuances of Thai culture and are a very understanding individuals. However show and a basic understanding of regard always goes down well!

Foreign man with Thai girlfriend (Oye jip). This could be a recipe for disaster (but not always). Some soul searching is required. If the foreigner and his girlfriend met at a go-go bar, he then might want to think about waiting until their relationship has solidified.

Don’t choose Thais or Thai culture at face value. Learn about the history behind things and about Thai social relationships in case you do and you also will do better with your Thai girlfriend or wife.

My favourite thing is facilitating a classroom full of children from all around the globe. We learn from one another. Everybody is accepted and observed, when there is no standard. There are not any prejudices.

The first Thai funeral I attended was for Neung’s mother and it’s for her also that I have made my first tambuun. It has been another fascinating experience. Departure is managed by the Thai folks with a lot of tact, wit, elegance and respect. It’s a suitable mix although that is an unusual blend of words perhaps. I enjoy the way they do this and I like to think that the mother of Neung would have been pleased with what she saw today. I really don’t pretend to comprehend Thailand culture, but what I or Buddhism do view I enjoy very much.

They do football, kung fu and singing right now. They used to do tennis and hip hop also. In the past they’ve had guitar and keyboard lessons. There are plenty of activities for kids through their school’s after-school activity system as well as in the community. The bonus is the fact that that all these lessons are much cheaper than at home.

In the North there are rain forests and the mountainous regions that have their own unique charm. You can do jungle trekking in Chiang Mai and also visit the small villages there. Another important aspect of Thailand is the shopping activities. It’s a shopper’s heaven with great deals and enormous shopping malls. Top local brands like Central World and Siam Paragon are undoubtedly worth getting a look at. The Chatuchak weekend market is a famous place that is the largest open market in the world. It has over 15000 booths!