When are you ready to promote your new business?

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The decision is made, you are going to start your own business. No more having to deal with bosses or deadlines. You have an idea, a plan. You start to lay the ground work to have this plan realised. That is great. How long before you should start to promote your business? The desire is to run when perhaps the best option is to walk, stroll have a cupa. When you are new the number of people who are going to know of your existence is quite limited. These prospects need special care and attention. If any aspect of your business is not ready or developed properly you will find these limited opportunities disappearing. So, with this in mind what are the areas of your business that need defining before you can (should) start to actively promote your business?

This is a very large topic to tackle, so below I have listed the area that I see as being crucial to a successful launch, development of your new business. I have headed the following under one main topic of Physical evidence. Physical evidence is the customer experience (what is seen, heard, felt, tasted etc.) from the consumer of your product/service offering. This is not ‘fake it to make it’, these are material cues that are crucial to your relevance and perceived credibility. Done correctly a new business can wrap itself (define itself) with all the expected elements that their prospective customer will be looking for.

Physical Evidence needed before promoting your business:

  • Business Defined (Business plan)
  • Business registered
  • Tax sorted (VAT)
  • Banking issues sorted
  • Situational Analysis completed and understood (Competitive analysis, Environmental influences etc.)
  • Market defined (The Marketing Mix: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)
  • Physical evidence
    • Website, blog, product offerings defined, proposal elements created, linkedin, facebook etc.
    • Packaging, Branding
    • Paperwork (proposal elements, invoices)
    • Business phone (nothing says not established like a business having only a mobile number)
    • Brochures, furnishings, signage, uniforms, business cards, the building itself

To have assumed credibility all that is seen of your new venture needs to ensure that prospective customers perception meets their expectations when they encounter your product offering or business. This means that if you say you are a duck then you need to look like a duck, smell like a duck, and sound like a duck. If you do not prospective customers might dig a little deeper and discover that what they thought was an established business, one that they can rely on to deliver, is actually a new venture with out the track record or established credibility. This means they are more likely to question your reliability and continue their search for a solution elsewhere.

Now it is time for the fun of promoting your new business

Well done…now that you are seen to be a duck you can start to plan your promotional strategy. If you followed above you have an understanding your business and your offerings place in the market. Now it is time to create a plan that will get your offering/business seen and responded too. Below are the steps that should help you do this. I have linked the below list to great websites/blogs that go into extensive detail on these topics.


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