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At exist we offer bespoke training and consultancy activities so that your staff can learn to manage your Social Media and Marketing activities themselves.

The Internet is constantly changing, the Social Media landscape is fluid and the marketing opportunities which can be of great value to your organisation are dependent on the  understanding and skills set of your staff. These changes can sometimes lead to a skills void for your organisations. At Exist we understand that your staff or marketing department might need a little upgrading of their skills to keep up-to-date with new trends, technologies or web platforms. We can offer your organisation bespoke training and consultation solutions to ensure your organisation stays competitive and relevant.


 Internet Marketing Training and Consultancy

Exist’s knowledge and aptitude for E-Marketing was a bonus to the work Exist was engaged to provide (web design).   It has significantly accelerated the progress that has been made on behalf of HCGI members.

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It is no longer enough to simply have a website, your business needs to be seen where your customers and your competitors are, online. At Exist we have years of experience connecting businesses with their customers. Let us help your business to not only exist but to thrive.

Exist provide the following services in the area of iMarketing Consultancy and Training (business may avail of some or all of these elements)
  • Social Media Campaign (Managing platforms) and competitions
  • Sponsored Links (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads)
  • Strategy/Reporting Meeting
  • SEO, keyword analysis, website tweaking

Social Media Training and Consultancy

We recently engaged the services of  Exist for Social Media training and strategy for our company.  The sessions have been very informative and helpful and we know that this insight will be of great benefit to us.  We also have the reassurance of committed support from Exist at any stage should we need help along the way. 

Easy Payments Plus

There are many different Social Media Platforms available these days from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterst etc. and so it can be difficult, especially for small businesses, to choose the correct platform for their business. Through our consultancy services, Exist can assist business in discovering which platforms can be integrated into their overall marketing (both online and offline) strategies that will maximise customer connection growth and hence generate new business. We also provide training so that the business can use your Social Media platforms to their full potential

Exist provide the following services in the area of Social Media Consultancy and Training (business may avail of some or all of these elements)
  • Audit – This is our recommended first step. How can Social Media help your business achieve it’s objectives? Is Social Media right for your business?
  • Choose – If Social Media can help your business to achieve it’s objectives, then Exist will help to identify the most appropriate platform.
  • Set-up – Once the platforms are chosen, Exist can set up each platform or if there is a need, adjust/ammend any existing accounts (some of our clients didn’t realise that there are right and wrong ways to set-up some platforms).
  • Strategy – develop a Strategy that integrates both your online and offline activities so that your Social Media efforts compliment all other activities.
  • Training – Exist can provide training in a broad range of Social Media Platforms in both the use of and best practice for each platform so that the control and message remains with the client.
  • Support – We are always here to support your ongoing efforts and to keep you informed with the continuously changing landscape that is Social Media.
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