In case you’ve reach an age where meeting appealing younger (than you) ladies or women appears to be a wicked challenge, perhaps it’s time to think about opening your mind to new horizons. Yes I’m speaking about Thai girls and Thai women here. And doing it from a man who has lived in Thailand for the best part of four years.

A foreign man or woman alone (Goo-ah). Thais don’t like to be alone and the more folks involved the more merry. Create a relationship with a Thai.

Thais Never Get Furious – I hear so many westerners saying “Thais never get mad”, “My Thai girlfriend is always so relaxed. She never gets mad” and it always makes me grin. What many westerners who do not Thailand culture don’t comprehend is this. Thais don’t like to lose their tempers, as it means they have ‘lost face’. So they’re going to hold it inside and not express what they’re truly feeling. However, when their negative emotions have been held by a Thai inside long enough, something eventually has to blow. And it does. When a Thai does get upset, they could be the most frightening, most out of control human being you’ll ever meet as many western men have learned to their detriment with their Thai girlfriends or wives.

Those that use recently prepared sauce often have an incredible smell that can be picked up on the instant the food hits the table, although obviously, not every single Thai dish is going to get an incredible aroma. You can take your time with those foods and truly enjoy every bite because it entertains more than just your taste buds.

We’re all, in a sense, captives of how we were socialized. When we are children, as well as our parents are relaxed and stress free, so are we. We pick up on that and in our conscious and subconscious we take note of what it was that stressed them, and we add it to our worry memory bank, when we see here them stressed. If they learned to dread a particular kind of neighbor, we’ll pick that up. We might pick that up as well, if they are nervous around hospitals.

It is actually pricey at $18 for children and $22 for adults, but still an interesting experience. If it was me though, I’d spend the amount on Safari World, which is the experience of a whole day, before I would spend so much on Siam Ocean World for a few hours.

So that you both understand each other’s view, this is difficult issue for both partners in the relationship but something that needs to be correctly discussed. You can then decide what’s best to do in your circumstance.