Discovering the history of jazz in Vietnam is not difficult. It begins and finishes with saxophonist Quyen Van Minh. In case you like your jazz popular, cool, or anything in between; if you enjoy your nightclubs dim, smoky, and walled with neon beer signs, posters and images of jazz greats; if you like your women dreamy, slinky, wearing bright dresses fitted like snake-skins and guys in silk suits or wearing tee shirts and berets; should you like the top mixed drinks in town and excellent food; then you need to be in Vietnam – Minh’s Jazz Club in Hanoi, to be exact. Or at least, you were. Minh has closed his club and is currently attempting to find a new home for his music somewhere in the city.

Vietnamese Vinh Ha Long (?Where the Dragon Descends to the Ocean?), bay on the northwest shore of the Gulf of Tonkin, near the city of Hong Gai, Quang Ninh province, northern Vietnam. Situated 102 miles (164 km) southeast of Hanoi, the 580-square-mile (1,500-square kilometre) area features some 3,000 rugged and earthen islands, typically in the form of jagged limestone pillars jutting out from the sea, and several caverns and grottoes.

Not at all is it a random thing when Cat Ba is also called Pearl Island (Dao Ngoc in Vietnamese). With a 70m altitude, and the post to overlook Lan Ha lagoon, Cat Ba entices tourists by its captivation that is celestial. With an area of 140 km2 and population of 9000 people, it is proud to be the biggest island among the 1,969 islands in Ha Long bay. If you are thinking about a clean-air and lovely spot to travel, simply pack your stuff, stand up and fly to this die cast aluminum magic land of blue Sky and Sea!

The shore is divided by a peak mountain in the form of a turtle into 2 small beaches, Cat Co Two and Cat Co One. On the right hand is fabricated rock mountain, while on the left hand is white and smooth sand, the blue and clear sea water. Side has been changing by side with the flying time. Never would it lose the natural power that is tempting.

For vietnam culture Ha Long Bay is not only a great landscape but it also that is is a holy and symbol of the nation. In the vietnam culture’s consciousness the stone islands in Ha Long Bay are not only biotic although limestone. When the Country was in risk Mum- her kids and dragon landed and remain eternally to depend the nation.

As this would be considered to the individual and possibly even as a personal insult to his ancestors never touch anyone on the head. Many Vietnamese believe the spirit lives there. Therefore, the belief is the fact that if one is beheaded, his spirit will roam forever without finding a resting area. Additionally, do not touch anyone on the shoulder. Some individuals believe that a genie dwells there and it’s not desirable to disturb him. If you mistakenly touch one shoulder, you must also touch the other shoulder and this helps counter the bad luck.

As people are becoming more and more affluent, the more sophisticated Japanese fashion of Tofu is gaining popularity now. The purest product of the tofu cooking procedure this type of soft tofu may be found on buffet tables and at elaborate banquets. In my view, this kind of tofu is not overly hard, breaking apart as soon as one takes a morsel. For daily cuisine, I favor the ordinary, conventional Vietnamese tofu.