Several events were organized by the Smithsonian Institute at several of its museums round the mall for Black History Month with a succession of performances, lectures and movies. All events will soon be free unless otherwise posted.

My favourite spot in Wellington must be the stunning waterfront that has been sensibly and creatively developed to take advantage of the city’s location in the rocky southern point of New Zealand’s North Island. One of the foremost attractions in the waterfront is the Taiwan history, Te Papa, which is a must see here for visitors It’s perched tantalisingly close to the water’s edge, making it look less of a museum and more of a cultural heart. There’s always plenty to see and do at Te Papa, so undoubtedly include it in your itinerary during your time in Wellington.

The Science Museum or the Museum of Industry and Science is just one of my personal favorite, see what it is actually like to be aboard a German Submarine, ask someone about DNA, research trains, boats, space travel and so much more. This enormous museum is a superb place for anyone intrigued in science from early growth to current and future attempts.

Ask for discounts! Everywhere we went, I only asked if they offered EMS reduction, military, or a police, smiled, and told the clerk I understood I wouldn’t get it if I did not ask. This saved an additional $30 per night off the hotel in DC, which I had reserved with Priceline. But on the other hand, I’m a tougher negotiator than Bill Shatner.

Welcome to Springfield, MA. The only Hall of Fame named after an individual man instead of the sport that it honors. The James Naismisth Memorial Hall of Fame. The very first induction happened in 1959 featuring the great George Mikan. Now it is unanimously accepted by sports fans and non-sports fans alike that Mr. Naismith’s invention was perfected by Mr. Michael Jordan. The most notable Hall of Fame building of all the main sports. The front is shaped like a giant basketball with wonderful nighttime lighting.

Although Lake Manyara to rent a mountain bike ride around the local villages. There’s a canoe on the lake, normally in your vehicle, looking toward the lake, you will see the park from the opposite way. Aruhsa National Park, walking safaris and canoe out on one of the lakes – bird life up close and personal and Hippo.

If you are going to Bratislava, don’t forget to visit these said tourist places. You’ll surely fill yourself with those interesting draw sights you will find in this place. Creating great memories with the entire family can happen in Bratislava.