There are just two primary varieties of ceramic hair curlers. The very first is a wand or tongs kind of apparatus, heated by electricity, which is a similar system to hair straighteners. In fact some of the curlers in the marketplace are dual function and can also be used for straightening hair. An example of this is the Infiniti by Conair or the Farouk CHI.

The other type of ceramic hair curlers are individual curlers or heated rollers which sit on a base unit that’s plugged into the power supply to heat up. Both kinds of ceramic curlers can fluctuate greatly in price depending on the make and version.

To utilize the wand style of curler efficiently requires some practice and an element of technique, but can be used to produce soft waves or tighter curls. The heater rollers are simpler to use as you tuck the end round the roller, merely section off the hair you need to curl and roll it up. You simply need to leave the rollers in your hair for the desirable amount of time once fastened by a clip or pin. The the more time you leave them the tighter the curl. These rollers can get extremely hot and you also need to be careful not to have any of them touching your face all around your hairline or your ears.

Remington’s latest range of ceramic hair curlers are the T-Studio Ceramic Heated Clip Hair Rollers with Tourmaline. These rollers are an advanced design which is claimed will create amazing curls in just five minutes, whilst locking in the moisture within the hair so that they don’t cause any frizz, only smooth glossy curls. You may get a set of 20 of these on Amazon for less than $30 which needs to be a buy!

At the other end of the purchase price range at $100 to nearly $300, determined by the model and where you buy them, the Farouk CHI curling and straightening irons have had mixed reviews but are more often than not adored by users. They heat up really quickly and there is also a variety of CHI hair care products designed to take care of your hair from the heat produced by styling products. These include a thermal shining spray and also a thermal protection spray to finish your look.