All the money in the world spent on great trappings for organization is not going to get or keep you organized. Though there are many interesting, interesting and beautiful contraptions to help you in keeping your invoices and paperwork organized it really requires very little in the way of cost to create a workable system.

Insistent follow-ups with the individuals who contacted you’ll result in increased sales. Make it a firm policy to follow up with those folks who contacted you about your services and products.

Pick a time regular to sort through your mail. Find all statements first. Open the invoice, check to see that it’s right, if everything is in order write the due date on the envelope the bill came in and set it in your statements to be paid, folder, tray, fancy kitten shaped invoice holder or what have you. If you have online bills stick in in your invoices to be paid slot and also make a note with the due date and assess your personal computer.

6) Equipment – you’ll need good, sound office equipment to keep things running smoothly. A good computer system, printer and copy machine are requirements. Also, having good applications that can help you stay organized is significant in order to maintain good records and keep track of stock.

Sculptured. The varying heights of the pile create click patterns in the carpeting. This was a very popular carpeting in the middle to latter part of the 20th Century. Not so now. Remember sculptured shag from the 70s?

For some projects you will need a stencil. To make a stencil, put the cutout on a full sheet of paper (or stencil film should you prefer a permanent stencil for multiple uses). Outline around all the borders and then cut out with a craft knife. Now you are prepared to make some presents and decorate the wrapping.

And finally at number 1 is an entry that no Superbowl 44 commercial is likely to top: The Apple 1984 ad. I don’t believe I even need to tell you about this commercial. It reveals the girl smashing on the display and was for the Macintosh. It only ran on TV but it’s probably the most well-known commercial of all time.