Key areas to focus your marketing on in 2014

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Happy New Year,


There is lots to talk about in terms of how to maximise your companies efforts in 2014. I believe there are a few areas that are key to your business finding results in your marketing efforts.:


Your marketing needs to be agile.

Planning is great but with social media you need to be monitoring it and making changes accordingly. If you stick to a plan even when it is not performing this will just be a waste of money and of time.


Content is what online is all about.

Google has changed the way they look at your website and online spaces. It is only really now interested in content. Old tricks to boost your Google ranking will not work and might even have the opposite desired result.


Get back to basics

For small and medium businesses online can be a great space to find new and connect with old customers but this does not mean you neglect the traditional (offline) marketing activities that you have always done and found results with. If what has always work is beginning to decline then rather then abandoning it completely maybe first try to do it in a slightly different way.

◊  Use what I already have…Database (contact details) of customers and contacts. You will find the best return of your energy talking and communicating with those you have already done business with or had contact with. These people might also need  a reminder from you that you are still around and want their business. You can reach those on your contact list by email, newsletter, calling, direct mail (by post). It might be a good idea to run a promotion just for your past contacts. Give them a reason to get back in contact with you.


◊  Facebook fans. Using FB to communicate in a non-sales, interest based way not only builds trust and relevance but also keeps you in the mind of your potential customer. So, when you decide to run your promotion or your Facebook Competition they are already listening.


◊  Your Website. Ensuring that you have new content in your site is essential for search engines to see you. If your site is active and fresh then Google deems you more relevant. Ensure to link your FB to your website and your website to FB (or other social media platform).


◊  Google Adwords/Facebook Ads. There is great return in using paid or sponsored ads. It allows you to target the audience you feel (or know) responds to what you offer. The return on this investment can be good and the time to set up is not overwhelming.


◊  Network. Connect with those in your industry or that have links to your industry. This is a great way to stimulate conversations or create links to your potential audience/customer.


◊  Make sure you have a plan. If you were limited on time and money you wouldn’t drive through Europe with out making a plan or looking at where you want to go or what it  will cost. It is the same with marketing (on and offline). Know what your budget is and know what type of results you would like to achieve. It doesn’t have to be a complicated plan based on months of research, but it should be based on identified objectives or goals with activities identified that will achieve these objectives and goals.


Understanding that consumers are consuming information via multiple devices, sometimes at the same time.

This means that having one online channel (website) to communicate with your potential audience is not going to be enough.
Using social media and new innovations to connect with consumers on the tech the are using (tablet, phone etc.). A good example is four square that allows businesses to to advertise to consumers that are in their area or walking past them on the street that you are there and will even tell them if you have a special offer or promotion. This is called SoLoMo in marketing circles (social media, local targeting, mobile devices).

eMarketer an industry leader in Digital Media suggests that the digital landscape in 2014 will look like this:

◊  Social networking, online video and commerce have grown dramatically and are plateauing.
◊  The population is wired – and becoming more and more wireless.
◊  Most growth will come from smartphone and tablet usage.


Online doesn’t need to be complicated. Communicate what you know, be honest, be helpful. If you have something to offer and you spend a bit of time and maybe some money to get the message out, your audience will respond.

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