New Zealand is an excellent country and also the capital city, Wellington, is one of my favourite places to spend a long weekend – or rather a whole week. There’s so much to do in Wellington that you’re actually spoilt for choice. Here are 7 great actions to include during your time in Wellington.

PYRAMIDS: There are more than 80 pyramids in Egypt which were built mostly between 1500 BC and 2600 BC and all are situated close to the Nile river. After the ruler died (or other leading royal figures like queens), their bodies were wrapped and preserved as a mummy, and put in the Pyramid. The pyramids that were most popular are the Pyramids of Giza along with the Sphinx: An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the Pyramids at Giza over 80 years. Giza also has the biggest pyramid also known as “Great Pyramid” which climbs an astounding 481 feet.

The Science Museum or the Museum of Industry and Science is one of my personal favorite, see what it is really like to be aboard a German Submarine, ask someone about DNA, explore trains, space travel, boats and so much more. This enormous museum is a great area for anyone intrigued from early growth in science to current and future efforts.

Accra is capital city of Ghana. Accra is serving Ghana as capital city since 1877. Accra is certainly the heart of Ghana of administrative, economic and cultural activities. We can say that Accra is anchor of Ghana. Accra was built in 15th century across the port. As situated on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. This city is natural sponsor of many natural beaches. There’s various beaches at Accra. That’s the reason that most of the travelers reserve their low-cost flights to Accra with Arik Air to have a look at these fabulous beaches from round the world.

Besides natural attractiveness there are lots of factors for amusement and the pleasure of the voyagers. Taiwan history, National Theater, Art Gallery, Glover memorial Hall, saint Anthony Church, Church of all countries all are the famous attractions for the tourists at Lagos. There is famed chain of hotels and eateries which brings the interest of a lot of the voyagers. They served their guests with hospitality and delectable dishes in refined, comfy complete and excellent setting. The Grand shopping Marts Malls and Markets are also fascinating factors for tourists here. Among others Lekki market is the greatest shopping place at Lagos, where all things of requirements from daily routine to extravagance items are available.

5: LUXOR TEMPLE: The modern town of Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes,( or the city of a hundred gates). A row of sphinxes line the entrance to Karnak Temple. The most famous section of these temples is a tremendous all called the Great Hypostyle Hall.

Finally, we woke up on day #12, and I stated out loud, “You know, we could make it home tonight if we just click the following web site drive.” The Cheap Family Holiday was over.