Is Social Media Right for your Business?

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Social Media represents an opportunity for your business to be seen, yes, but more importantly to be seen to be relevant.

Relevant in your industry, your community and your viewers world.

Impressive Numbers:

  • Facebook has 955 million (2,183,420 in Ireland) active monthly visitors.
  • Twitter has 500 Million users (estimated users in Ireland is 350,000).


The Pro argument:

  • Inexpensive– a lot can be done online for substantially less money even if you have professionals do it for you.
  • Measurable– almost anything you do online can be tracked and analysed. This is not true for most offline marketing activities.
  • Time relevant– Changes can be made to your message or activity in real time. You don’t have to wait for the ‘next edition’.
  • Target market specific– Take Facebook. If you use their Facebook Ads you can tell those ads to only be seen by those people who match a certain age, sex, lifestyle, country etc criteria.


Time and resources are required to build a base of followers. You do this by finding the information, offers, topics your audience responds to and then give them that. When this is done right Social Media can be like an ongoing advert…


Adverts you create on the back of a well thought out plan designed to meet objectives, usually have a well defined message that triggers a response from a specific group of customers. Social Media is the same if done correctly. Social Media should be implemented with the goal of meeting the companies objectives. It should have an overall message (tone, vibe) identified that will trigger a response and this message should be catered to a chosen group of customers. So you know how to do this…just apply the same effort you would in some of your other marketing activities to the platform of Social Media.


It has been my experience that Social Media can be the  ultimate advertising space for your brand and your specific products. Not just the paid sponsored ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc.) but the actual conversation (message) with Social Media is fluid, influential and can have as much  of an impact as a one to one sales call with a long time customer.


The Con Argument:

  • Lack of understanding/Confidence
  • Lack of Time
  • Lack of Resources


With all activities that your business engages in there needs to be total commitment to carrying out all elements of that activity. This is where online and Social Media seems to run into a barrier for most SME’s. The time and confidence of maintaining a Social Media presence can be very daunting. Understanding how each message or comment fits with the overall objective that has been defined can be confusing.


Fair enough but, if it is the difference between success and failure then as small business owners we do what we need to do. If you don’t know how to do it then you find someone who does. The benefits of cheaper, more focused and potential more engaging activity is a pretty good reason to give it a try. With all advertising, success requires more than just a well targeted message, creation of new leads or identifying intent. Success should be measured by whether there was a response or a conversation created/maintained. This requires persuasion, strategies, forethought.


If more customers is the main objective then Social Media should be added to your advertising plan as a sure fire way to deliver this objective usually at a much lower cost.


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