Attribute: Living with its tree-lined lakes and boulevards and its fusion of Chinese French and Vietnamese architecture, Hanoi is the jewel of Asia. Charming pagodas and the “36 streets and 36 wares” of the fascinating Old Quarter will vie for your attention. And, there are a large number of other famous sights: the impressive Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, the Museum of Ethnology, the ancient Temple of Literature.

Without necessarily sharing his disdain for my country, my thoughts immediately went back to the week I had spent in Vietnam during my Bible School days as well as the museums that showed me the awful things that both the vietnam culture and the Americans soldiers endured during the war. Given that I presumed he should have experienced some awful things that I could not even envision, I decided to cut him some slack as he continued with his narrative.

The video by Frank Ford of the fate of the statue and also the present state of this graveyard shows the utter contempt that is displayed to the memory of the dead. My own feeling is also that several of the youthful of Vietnam do not realize about nor desire to learn about the war. The dead of all sides in a conflict ought to be respected. The only mitigating factor for me is that after I saw on TV in Vietnam, in about 1970, a clip of the U.S. army blowing up a Viet Cong war memorial they’d come across.

Three days in this lively city isn’t sufficient to see everything there is to do. You can easily fill. I’ve outlined an itinerary that offers you a good cross section of sights around Hanoi that you could reach in three days. Take into account the heat, that will slow you down if you’re not used to it. The best way to actually absorb the vibes of the fascinating city will be to walk.

At 9 a.m. the next morning, we transferred from Sapa Town to Tram Ton pass, which is at an elevation of 1,900 meters, where we began the climb. Dressed in proper mountaineering equipment, we were ready for the journey ahead. On our shoulders were light backpacks with water, biscuits and fruit and clothes and we taken the “Truong Son stick”. The neighborhood porters took the tents, sleeping bags and food ahead of us.

Minh, who started his first club 13 years past, has singlehandedly brought jazz to Vietnam. In a state where struggle has always been the norm, Minh’s fight for the right to express himself, for musical freedom, arrived from a people who believe firmly in the right to govern their own lives. By expressing those beliefs, time has been taken but the Vietnamese are not known to be quitters.

Possibly the most popular attraction, the War Remnants Museum features artifacts of what was left behind during the Vietnam War in the 60s. There is a great set of American airplanes, tanks, and artillery, together with a large number of graphics of the nation during and following the war years.

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