Evangelist. The very word conjures up pictures of men with slicked back hair fleecing the unlearned masses or, for those who have the ultra religious giant begging with the masses of the entire world to turn from their sins and trust in Christ, a positive view. The word probably doesn’t bring to mind jobless beer drinking Vietnam vets, but that is exactly what my wife and I discovered one day as we were minding our own business taking a leisurely walk in Arnold Park.

All these are the two places where you pay next to nothing and can shop to your heart’s content! While the Ben Thanh market is famous for it is Vietnamese goods, along with its food, Saigon square is known for its clothing and accessories! In fact, after a day of shopping, have dinner outside the Ben Thanh market. Night time street restaurants set up next to the market, and they serve yummy Vietnamese seafood!

Minh, who started his first nightclub 13 years past, has singlehandedly brought jazz to Vietnam. In a state where struggle has ever been the standard, Minh’s fight for the right to express himself, for musical independence, came from a people who believe firmly in the right to govern their own lives. The Vietnamese aren’t known to be quitters although time has been taken by expressing those beliefs.

Probably the most popular draw, the War Remnants Museum features artifacts of what was left behind in the 60s during the Vietnam War. There’s an excellent group of artillery, tanks, and American planes, along with a large number of pictures of the nation during and after the war years.

What couldn’t be missed in this beautiful complex is the Turtle Tower, which lies in the center of the Lake, so as to remind vietnam culture of the Turtle God of his great assist. It was told that King Le Thanh Tong used to fish here. Lord Trinh built the structure to house his entourage while visiting the lake.

Blossoms and flower buds are the symbols for new beginning. Both of these distinctive flowers are sold and purchased during Tet. Hoa Mai are the yellow apricot blooms normally found in Southern Viet Nam. Hoa Mai are adaptable to the hot weather of southern areas, thus, it is referred to as the primary flower in every dwelling. Hoa Dao are the warm pink of the peach blossoms that fit well with the dry, chilly weather from the North. Tet is not Tet if there’s no sight of Hoa Mai (south) or Hoa Dao (north) in every home.

I believe it is high time an effort was made to restore all military cemeteries throughout Vietnam. Why not get a dollar tax on each tourist to this effect? And maybe take a look thousand dollars yearly tax on all foreign multi-nationals?