Since December the 14th 1994 at the 18th session of the World Heritage Commission in Phuket- Thailand Ha Long Bay has been inscribed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The selection of acknowledging Ha Long Bay as a World Heritage region confirms the worldwide and extraordinary value of this landscape.

He bought a saxophone, an instrument completely foreign to Vietnam because he liked the deeper melodic sound, the versatility. “I loved Charlie Parker but oh, so fast and all those notes. More than I could manage at the time.” Came from the radio and it was difficult to remember the tunes or to transcribe the solos.

Flower buds and blossoms are the symbols for new beginning. Both of these distinctive flowers are sold and bought during Tet. Hoa Mai are the yellowish apricot blooms commonly seen in Southern Viet Nam. Hoa Mai are more adaptable to the hot weather of southern areas, thus, it’s called the primary flower in every dwelling. Hoa Dao are the warm pink of the peach blossoms that match well with the dry, cold weather from the North. Tet is not Tet if there isn’t any sight of Hoa Mai (south) or Hoa Dao (north) in every dwelling.

Wayne: I think it just worked. It took us three weeks once we inquired Chris O’Dowd. I remember making it better and having our first call with Chris on the telephone plus a few Skype calls just about the script, and once we did that, it was quite fast and Chris was the last individual. In fact we wanted to get that character up because to get that character into the planet that’s how you get your money from distinct things. Was cast very close to production.

Chris: It was insane it did so nicely and when it opened in Australia, it was incredible. Once I saw the picture I believe I knew it’d do nicely cause Wayne did such a great job.

My daughter signed up for vietnam culture Through Movie at a community college and except counted that would have she wanted to play club volleyball and she had to drop it. Our neighbor received his A and took Beginning Computing and it really pumped up his GPA and he was taken into the University of California campus of his choice. Art and other types of classes count too.

The countryside that was once familiar to the military personnel who served there, has taken on many changes. In place of underground tunnels and many narrow dirt roads, there are many major highway systems. Both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are big, modern cities. The narrow Highway One that ran from Cu Chi to Saigon is a 6-lane highway.

Wake up early in a breath of fresh ocean air along with the morning for a great dawn. Breakfast served on boat then we do a leisurely cruise through thousands of seemingly never ending islands. These are wonderful chances to capture some amazing photos.