Adam is a good looking, outgoing, successful professional single man who seemed to always find relationship simple in the USA, so I inquired what he was experiencing in relation to dating in Japan.

Christianity doesn’t do away with culture, not mine, not yours, not anyone’s. We do not need to start eating the same foods, observe the exact same holidays, learn to talk exactly the same language, wear the same style of clothing, etc. Where the pages of the New Testament speak giving law to us, however, our allowance for diversity must finish.

The Backroom Blues Bar – 7200 N. Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton – will feature hard-rocking, blues guitarist/vocalist/song-writer Tinsley Ellis at 9:30 p.m. Call 561-860-4679 for information.

Your sister or brother. These guys are easy. Only ask them, don’t beat around the bush. In case the gift is a fair price, buy it. Otherwise, decrease purchasing it and get them take a look bucket of popcorn.

Tsukiji market – the world’s largest open air fish market. One of the most Interesting Things. Fish and seafood worth millions of dollars are sold there each day. Tokyo fish market Tuna auctions are world known.

Izekayas – In case you want a good night out without spending a fortune, a izekaya is the most entertaining and best method to go. On top of that you will get a flavor of real chinese culture in activity and see the locals actually let their hair as outside they socialize the rigidity of their normal business lives.

Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, with a beautifully symmetrical volcanic cone. It simply goes without saying that gallant Fuji Mountain is a Must see Place to Go To in Japan. Mt Fuji area is worth visiting also, thanks to Fuji five lakes and Hakone that is famous for its hot springs. The are the perfect reflecting pools for the mountain’s attractiveness.

Last but not least, if you are a shopaholic, do come in June because every year from May to June, there’s a Great Singapore Sale event. In this event, majority of the boutiques and eateries offer discounts up to 75% for services and their goods.