In any history book you’ll ever lay eyes on, the Chinese are a step ahead of the game, and always in there. As it pertains to evolution, the Chinese were eating with utensils while the rest of the world was still using their fingers to chow down. When copper info and steel was forged into shields and weapons, the Chinese applied the utilization of gunpowder to make for heated battles and set fire to arrows.

The word Reiki comes from two words. The first part “Rei” means God’s wisdom while “Ki” means energy. When these two are united, it stands for a “religious guide of life force energy.

Trigrams are ancient symbols, the source of which dates back to the Book of Changes I-Ching – one of the world’s oldest systems of divination and energy interpretation. In traditional chinese culture, trigrams were used in medicine, martial arts, philosophy, and faith. In feng shui, the sacred Pa Kua octagon is used to comprehend the energies inherent in someone else’s house, apartment or office.

The number 9 is a lucky or “magic” number based on number theory. For any amount multiplied by 9, the sum of the digits of the answer is also equal to 9.

Bagua has nine major sections – the centre as well as eight sides. Each section corresponds to one or more areas of your own life, and has colour as well as its direction. Therefore, you will figure out which particular facets of your life change. Here are the 9 parts: Livelihood North Black; Knowledge Northeast Blue; Family East Green; Abundance Southeast Violet; Acclaim South Red; Love Southwest Pink; Kids West White; Helpful Individuals Northwest Grey; Health Center Yellow.

This place must you visit when youtravel to Singapore.The park is a great area for who wish to relish time at leisurely space. Singapore Botanic Garden is accessible from the Holland road and Clurry road. It exuberant and scenic with over 52 hectares of property, right in the heart of the city.

If I say – “Yes, it can help!”. You may even question my words. I really don’t mind that. But, how about keeping an open mind and you try it out for yourself. You’ll find the effects over time. And in case you do not, then, you are not doing it right!

Look for novels that make the culture come alive in case you’re curious to learn more about Chinese culture. Amazon has lists of children’s books about Chinese culture in their Listmania characteristic. And, should you like to save a dime, you can also head for your public library. Gong Xi Fa Cai!