Thailand is understood not only for its geographical beauty but more for the distinctiveness of its own rich culture. It is undeniable that the Land of Smiles boasts impressive and quite colorful customs and conventions.

In fact, if anything, the simple expression ‘may write rai’ is probably the ultimate ‘guidance’ to living as a farang in Thailand. You can definitely require that reflection to heart too, not because it’s so generally used, but because it’s actually a great indicator of relaxed and accepting the Thais are about life. In many ways, itis a real reflection of Thai culture.

Do keep your wits about you. When on vacation, folks are more relaxed and have a custom of letting down their guard. As such, tourists make easy victim for the many tricksters of Bangkok, don’t let this be you! In the event you were at home and somebody told you that a well-known major attraction was shut for a royal ceremony, would you believe them? Would you believe them, if somebody said there was an authorities gem sale that is only? Precisely! Do not fall for this trick in Thailand, see my different article “The Bangkok Tuk Tuk trick” about this.

Full moon celebration is very different from other parties. There were participants from all corners of the world that adds a unique cosmopolitan flavor in the celebration. The goal of coordinating this celebration will be to bring all party animals at one place and share enjoyment joy and happiness. This party is founded on the conventional Thailand culture that was. Thailand is a location that follows different customs and different culture. Here, at full moon party people celebrates the spirit of Thailand without binding themselves in the bounds of faith, cast and culture. No matter, you also belong to which caste or nationality or what faith you follow, you could possibly be the part of the celebration with thousands others and indulge yourself into the spirit of happiness and joy.

The City of Angels is full of temples and tourists whizzing about in the backs of tuk tuks. There’s lots to see more and it is seen by virtually everyone, from being full of allure and historical wonder, but that does not quit Bangkok. The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho is among the very most popular Buddha statues in the world. Incredibly, it is as long as the Statue of Liberty is not low.

My favourite thing is easing a classroom full of kids from all over the world. We learn so much from one another. When there’s no standard, everyone is accepted and observed. There aren’t any biases.

Do show great respect to monks and provide your seat on bus or a boat to a monk. As a general rule women should avoid all physical and eye contact with a monk. Everyone is anticipated to show respect to monks. It’s always appreciated if you give up your seat for a monk and the river express boats in Bangkok even have special Monk only places. As with many places, giving up your seat for an elderly man is also appreciated.

Hot means hot in the Thai culture! Of course, there are still other options such as fish and sweet and sour chicken in the event you can’t stand the heat.