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We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Facebook, but let’s just start from the beginning for those who may not. Facebook is an online application/platform used as a social tool for people to communicate with friends and family online and to find and make new friends with people who have similar interests. Facebook started back in 2004 as a closed college community for students attending the college. Since then it’s grown a bit, to in excess of 1 billion users.
Get your Promotion / Competition on Facebook .

•Grow your ‘Likes’ Create Conversations Gain Credibility •Generate Leads

SM_stats2For a short-time only we are offering €50 worth of Facebook advertising for FREE* with each of our Facebook Competition Apps.

There are 2,183,420 Irish Facebook Members. Many of the organisations we have worked with have found Facebook Promotion / Competition Apps a great way to grow ‘Likes’ and support their other online and offline marketing efforts.


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Why use a Facebook App?

•Grow your ‘Likes’ Create Conversations Gain Credibility •Generate Leads

There are probably a load more reasons than the few below, but these are certainly the most important from a brand and loyalty point of view:

  1. 1 . An App can be far more engaging and interesting than getting fans to just ‘Like and Share this comment/photo to win’. With an App you can have sliders, animations, videos and other engaging elements. You can also gather email addresses as a per-requisite to entering, a valuable resource to have for use in future direct marketing campaigns.
  2. 2.  Fan-gating. Fan-Gating is a method where the user has to ‘Like’ your Page before they are allowed to enter your competition. If you run a competition/promotion through your wall (even though that’s not allowed, but you do it anyway) then there is nothing to stop someone from Liking and sharing your post/photo and in doing so being entered into your competition/promotion without having to Like your Page. Therefore you don’t have that long-term connection with that user to engage with them into the future.
  3. 3. This has to be the number one reason and it is also the number one point on Facebook’s own Promotion Guidelines, promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on Facebook.com , either on a Canvas Page or a Page App’. There’s no two ways about it, if you want to run a Competition or Promotion you need an App.
  4. 4.  Apart from it being against Facebook’s terms and conditions, using an App for a competition/promotion is much more professional. It tells your fans that you take things seriously and that if you are going to do something, you’re going to do it the right way. That’s a powerful subconscious thought for your fans to have about you and your business.

*Offer good until August 31st, 2013 and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Social Media stats showing your Competition is online, are you?

So, what can Exist do for your business on Facebook?

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your business, we can create one for you.
  • If you’ve created a Profile (a Profile is a personal account meant for people, not businesses – see explanations at the bottom of this page) then we can convert your Profile account into a Page. A conversion also converts all of your Friends into “Likes” on your new Page, so you don’t lose any valuable contacts you’ve already worked hard to make.
  • At this point you should have a Page and for that we can offer customising services such as Graphic design for Profile pictures and also custom Landing Tabs, much like a Home Page on a website.
  • Stepping up from a Landing Page, we can create Facebook Apps. Apps can be used for a variety of things, but essentially they just make your Facebook Page more interactive. If you want to run a competition on Facebook, then according to Facebook Terms and Conditions, you must use an App to run your competition and collect details of entrants via the App. More basic Apps can be used to simply ask people to register for events your business might be holding. The uses of Apps are pretty much limited only by your imagination and they can be integrated with some fantastic offline promotions to create an augmented reality campaign.
  • Social Media Plan (Strategy formation & implementation). Facebook is an amazing new marketing tool, but to truly leverage it’s potential, you must integrate it with your overall Marketing Plan.
  • Facebook Advertising. Facebook Ads are similar to Google Ads. However, Facebook Ads can be tailored much more specifically in terms of the demographics of your target market. It’s a highly intelligent mechanism. Exist can create, monitor and analyse your Facebook Ads account for you.

Facebook Services

  • Create Facebook Business Page
  • Custom Branding
  • Facebook Tutorial Guide
  • Facebook Training Session
  • Twitter Integration
  • Ongoing Support

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*Support Tickets are submitted and managed via our Support Ticketing System. Support Tickets give you 30 minutes worth of time from the Exist team to resolve any issues you may have or to carry out work on your behalf. Should the time required to resolve a Support Ticket exceed the 30 minutes, Exist will inform you of this and you can choose whether or not the work is carried out.

Here are a few Facebook accounts we’ve worked on recently…

The Benefit of Facebook
  • Increased brand equity
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Driving web traffic
  • Reputation management (allows you to be part of all conversations even the bad ones)
  • Feedback mechanism
  • New customer acquisition
  • Potential for massive increases in lead generation
  • Aids in client retention
  • Access to the ‘Social’ world and its inherent value
  • New phenomenon known as the ‘Viral’ effect
Market Research

How businesses in Ireland see Facebook (According to AMAS survey of Marketing Professional in Ireland, 2011)

  • 79% said it helped them to understand their audiences better.
  • 46% said it helped deliver cost savings to their business.
  • -68% felt it provided the opportunity to make valuable connections.

When asked how Social Media has changed the business landscape Marketing Professional in Ireland responded with the following:

  • Respondents said they were spending more than 21 percent of their budgets on digital marketing.
  • Some 43% of the sample said that they have moved their marketing spend away from newspapers. TV, radio and cinema have proved to be more resilient and have maintained their advertising revenues.
Facebook Terms
  • A Profile: this is a personal account setup by an individual. It MUST represent a real person (Facebook are very particular about this rule, so don’t break it!!).
  • A Page: this is similar to a personal Profile, but is intended for businesses or brands to use.
  • A Tab: think of Tabs in the same way as you view Tabs in your web browser. They are essentially different pages in your account. Some people call these pages by mistake, hence the confusion with pages and “Pages”
  • A Friend – 1.) (n) personal connection on Facebook; 2.) (v) to add a Facebook user as a friend
  • A Friend List – organized groupings of friends
  • A Fan – Facebook users who choose to become a “fan” and follow an organization’s page -A Group
  • A Group – a collection of Facebook users with a common interest; any Facebook user can create and join a Facebook group
  • A Network – an association of Facebook users based on a region, school, or workplace
  • A News feed – 1.) feed of content posted to one’s Wall; 2.) aggregation of one’s friends’ newsfeeds published on a user’s Facebook homepage
  • A Wall: no, it’s not a brick and mortar wall. This is the area within a Profile or Page where people’s comments (i.e. status updates) and recent actions (i.e. becoming a fan of a page) are listed in chronological order. Comments from all of your friends on Facebook also appear here.
  • An Application – a program that allows users to share content and interact with other users