Credibility and Relevance, without breaking the bank, using Social Media…

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There are many Social Media Platforms available and the one that is right for you is dependent on what type of industry you are in and the nature of your product or service that you offer.

Understanding how the conversation is created, maintained is crucial if there is to be real opportunities for conversations and interactions on Social Media platforms. With Social Media the message is no longer customer facing but altruistic and customer interactive. On Social Media platforms businesses are expected to give information, activities and experiences that don’t depend on the visitor being a customer. It is truly an exercise in making your business relevant and an opinion leader to your target audience and their community.

The main Social Media platform with the largest audience in Ireland is definitely Facebook (over 2 million Irish Members) Not all organisations are suited for Facebook, but if your organisation is new or is established but having difficulty competing then Facebook might provide your organisation a reasonably easy way to reinforce your relevance and credibility in your industry.

Why is it important?

If you look like a duck, sound like a duck then you must be a duck. This can also be applied to the consumers evaluation process. Consumers usually look for certain signs that an organisation is credible and relevant to what they are looking for; your address, your physical wrapping (logo, quality of your website, quality of your presentation etc.), what others think of you. The last one, what others think of you, usually meant getting your clients testimonials and then placing them on your website, in your advertisements etc. and it was and is still a great way to let your potential customer know that others value your business. When somebody chooses to connect, comment, ‘Like’, or otherwise engage with your brand it is like testimonials are being given by word of mouth to everybody they are connected with. The credibility and relevance of your product or service has just been elevated far above what could be accomplished by other forms of advertising.

Social Media is Word of Mouth on steroids.

This can be particularly important to start ups and more established organisations that have a low profile as credibility is something that can’t be bought but must be displayed/experienced. Without credibility an organisations relevance might not be fully appreciated.

Additionally, many of the organisations we have worked with have found Social Media to be a great support platform for all their other online and offline marketing efforts and cost effective as well.


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