The main problem with learning Thai is the fact that the basis of the language isn’t European-based. English along with the other Euro languages have Latin, Greek, Viking, etc., roots; Thai doesn’t, so you have to memorize hundreds, if not thousands, of odd and unrelated sounds. This is hard, unless you use some kind of memory trigger.

Wai, but use it sparingly. The “wai” is a Thai greeting, done by pressing autocad 2014破解 the palms of your hand together, prayer-like. By all means if one is offered to you, return a wai, however you shouldn’t always offer a wai to every Thai man you meet. Aside from this becoming tiresome after a while, it really isn’t needed. It is some thing interwoven into the Thailand culture and subject to all sorts of rules and intricacies, to do with your age, seniority and standing in society and in your family construction. For example, a Thai office worker would greet their boss or a senior member of their partner’s family using a wai, but they wouldn’t do the same to a lowly server. Foreigners are not expected to comprehend this all, but a fundamental comprehension is always understood.

All Thai Women Want To Marry Western Men – Errrr, nope, the majority of them do not. You hear this a lot from old, fat western guys perched on bar stools in seedy areas of Bangkok. Come across a number of Thai ladies who make them feel like they are God’s Gift and having lived here a few years, these men automatically presume every Thai woman needs them. Actually. They don’t.

We are going to do tambuun at the house. Neung describes that sometimes people do it at the temple but it’s considered “luckier” to do it at his or her house. Something to do with releasing the spirit. I actually don’t pretend to understand but no problem. I inquire when the monks will arrive. Around 11am I’m told which, clearly, means 11.30am. Everybody is constantly here. All the monk’s presents have been prepared. Money in envelopes, flowers and also the customary bucket of goodies – washing powder, toothpaste and so forth.

Foreign guy with Thai girlfriend (Oye jip). This might be a recipe for catastrophe (but not always). Some soul searching is needed. If the foreigner just met his girlfriend at a go-go bar, then he might desire to think about waiting until their relationship has solidified.

Lunch starts for all the guests. We split into two groups. I sit with Khun Ying, Neung and seven other women. Most are in their 50s and 60s and I’m an object of fascination. They see me struggling with the sitting bearings and so, to lots of laughing, a stool appears and I’m told to sit. My cheeks are red so itis a good tradeoff, but the pain is gone. Then the real challenge begins. ? Fortunately I like Thai food at least as much as kon Thai so the food isn’t a problem for me. They start to realise that quite adequate Thai is spoken by me.

Hot means hot in the Thai culture! Of course, there are still other options such as fish and sweet and sour chicken in the event you can’t stand the heat.