50 Shades Freed pdf is the third and the final book narrating the love story of Christian and Anastasia. Throughout the previous two books in pdf we have witnessed what the main characters had been through and how that had influenced on their personal growth and the development of relations between them. “fifty shades of grey pdf Shades of Freed pdf” finalizes the story and leads us to the logical (or not) ending, spicing up love and passion with action and thrill. That’s something new, I must say. And it’s only the beginning. Author definitely loved to use literary device of shifting the narration in time. Events happening at the moment are tightly interlaced with memories, mostly of Anastasia. In the beginning of the novel Ana starts daydreaming, going through the scene of their wedding, but the reader cannot define, whether it’s real or just her reveries.

50 shades freed pdfThe same tool is used during the whole sequence of events. Our attention is jumping from one moment full of tense to another calm and nice scene, which obviously keeps the reader interested. Speaking about the old, it’s certain that Mrs. James sticks to her style. I am talking about the erotic scenes, which still are the golden thread of the story: passionate games with handcuffs on the yacht, getting freaky in the new Christian’s playroom, on the board of the plane, during the dinner, in the car after a pursuit. Apparently the author wanted to describe all the most popular fantasies easily brought to life in the story of this perfect couple. Nevertheless, even during them we see that characters are going through noticeable changes.

Remember shy and clumsy Anastasia? In the final piece she has become a grown woman. We see it clearly through her actions and decisions she makes. Ana is brave young woman, more confident than she ever was. She is no longer afraid to stand up against Christian and it works as a one more seduction for Mr. Grey. She becomes Mrs. Grey and that it like a symbolic start point of her transformation. She is ready to fight for her man, getting another reason for jealousy, and the firmness and straightforwardness she discovers in the course of the events surprise even her. Mrs. Robinson shows up in this part again, but this time the girl is not keeping calm. Actually Christian and Ana have lots of fights within the story, the fact of which emphasizes the development of their personalities and their attempts to get used to each other. They torture each other emotionally, which is one of the reasons for their strong connection and attraction to one another. In the end Ana completely flows into 50 shades’ fantasies and becomes unfettered and perverted like her husband.

Christian is presented as a changed person as well. His trust to Ana has grown, along with the love to her and eagerness to take care of her. Grey is no longer afraid of touch – his subconscious fears seem to stand back, though one of them is still haunting his mind. The recollections of the day when his mother died keep tracking him in the dreams and soon we recognize the meaning of this detail, as it directly relates to his attitude towards Ana and desire to protect her. It’s just the trauma from childhood: he could not save his mother, so now he puts all his energy into keeping Anastasia safe. This explains almost all of his “control freak” behaviour.

In the final part of the fifty shades freed pdf trilogy author pictures not only romance, but some action too. From the second book we learn that there’s some unknown ill-wisher, who tries to hurt Christian. In this novel we find out that it’s Jack, Ana’s ex-boss. He makes several attempts to harm Greys and it unexpectedly turns the story into a breathtaking thriller. In line with expectations, there is a happy, but still freaky ending. They’ve had two children, love each other and still act dirty. Ana finally turns Christian into a better person, but also changes herself. End of the game. Lust has won.

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