iMarketing and Social Media
Training and Consultancy

Training organisations in how to use their online platform effectively has become a popular option for some of the organisations we support. Topics for training can be on any area of Online Marketing, including the use of Social Media Platforms.

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Web Design
We provide professional web design solutions that focus on increasing your organisation’s visibility while creating a platform for you to realise your Internet marketing strategy.

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Online Marketing

Let us support your marketing activities. At Exist we offer tailored marketing programs, designed and implemented to meet your business needs.

Social Media

In the last few years social media has revolutionised the web, making it a key consideration in all online marketing campaigns.

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15 May 2014 / Thursday

You have created your website and it looks good. Now what? What other activities are necessary to ensure somebody will actual see your site? I have listed some, not all, the marketing activities that will put your site in a good position to be seen. Search Engine Optimisation- Wikipedia’s definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is […]  Read More →

11 February 2014 / Tuesday

  Social Media represents an opportunity for your business to be seen, yes, but more importantly to be seen to be relevant. Relevant in your industry, your community and your viewers world. Impressive Numbers: Facebook has 955 million (2,183,420 in Ireland) active monthly visitors. Twitter has 500 Million users (estimated users in Ireland is 350,000). […]  Read More →

01 February 2014 / Saturday

The decision is made, you are going to start your own business. No more having to deal with bosses or deadlines. You have an idea, a plan. You start to lay the ground work to have this plan realised. That is great. How long before you should start to promote your business? The desire is […]  Read More →

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